Multimedia Writing

Are You a Feminist? How Feminism and ICTs Interact to Create a More Equal Society

I wrote this article while attending University in Madrid. This article explores the movement for gender equality in spanish society and how women in technology are helping bridge worldwide digital disparities. This article was also chosen to be submitted to the media outlet “Global Voices Online” for consideration of publication.

Isla Vista Parks Website

This website was created by my group in a Multimedia Writing course at UCSB. We challenged ourselves to create a multimedia storytelling project that would benefit our community of Isla Vista. To answer this challenge, we created a website about Isla Vista Parks, their history, resources, navigation tools, and volunteer opportunities to further connect community members.

How Media Coverage Affects Perceptions of Disability in Sports

This article is an exploration of how media outlets largely shape public perceptions surrounding disability in sports. This article highlights my ability to synthesize different forms of new media and interactivity in digital journalism.

Verde: Sustainable Home Goods

This writing sample comes from a business proposal for a sustainability focused online store, created by my group in a business writing course. The goal of this piece is to spread awareness of corporate as well as consumer social responsibility and advocate for sustainable and zero-waste lifestyles. While the original document is nearly 40 pages long, my contributions focused on the Proposal Letter, Executive Summary, and Business Description.

Graphic Design + Branding

Business Card + Logo

This is an example of my personal branding materials created using Adobe. Like people, all brands should have their own distinguishable identities, which allow them to communicate their purpose and mission. These examples speak to my personal brand and my voice: creative, modern, and professional.

Parks and Rec Infographic

This is an infographic designed as part of a multimedia project to highlight Isla Vista Parks and outdoor spaces. This infographic serves as an example of my design skills using Adobe, and ability to present statistical information in a creative design format.

Brand Style Guide

This is my personal brand style guide, developed in my Writing Minor Capstone course. This guide presents my brand and voice, as well as examples of my design proficiency and personal branding.

Stewardship Report

I wrote and designed this annual report to present to high level University donors as part of my work with UCSB Development. This report summarizes how funding for the Eugene Aas Chair in Computer Science is used and recognizes the impact of gifts to the University. (Posted with permission, personal information redacted).